Our Fleet

Corrib currently manages 5 vessels for Royal Wagenborg Shipping BV with a total deadweight of 30,000 tons.

Mv. Cathy Jo

Built in 2008. Open hatch, fully box, double skinned, Single-decker (2 movable bulkheads) Lakes / Grain/ CO2 fitted.

Mv. Cora Jo

Built in 2006. Single-decker – MPP – Ice Class 1B. Open hatch, fully box, double skinned Single-decker (incl. 2 movable bulkheads) Peters PCP 6000 Jumbo

Mv. Cathma

Built 2007. Open hatch, fully box, double skinned, Single-decker (incl. 3 movable bulkheads) Lakes/ Grain/ CO2 fitted.


Mv. Jolyn

Built 2007. Multipurpose Singledecker, open hatch fully box, double skinned. Ice runner / Ice Class 1A

Mv. Ziltborg

Built 2000. MPP, Ice Class 1A. Open hatch, fully box and double skinned Single-decker (incl. 1 movable bulkheads) Grain / CO2 fitted.

cora jo new

Ship Management

CORRIB SHIP MANAGEMENT LIMITED is certified to manage ships in accordance with the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships.

Seafaring opportunities

For on-board officer and crew positions, please complete our application form and send to crewing@corribshipping.com

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